Participate The Unboxing challenge

Participate The Unboxing challenge

Here's your chance to become a content
creator with a new and unique experience ❤️ 
Participate in the challenge, and you'll receive a gift box from Al Saad. You'll also have a chance to win cash prizes up to 2000 AED.

How to participate:

  1. Record a video of receiving your order from Al Saad Home App, showcasing your products.
  2. Upload the video to your Instagram account with a mention of our official account @alsaadhome.

You can also browse videos for some unboxing ideas. We have also provided tutorial videos that may help you.


Here is some video ideas for unboxing to get some inspirations

You can make your videos in different ways: 
  • you can do the unboxing without showing your face; just review the items and put background music or the real sound for the unboxing ( ASMR ) 
  •  But showing yourself talking about the items or your experience could be an effective way to make better results.

Video Tutorials

Learn the secrets to creating engaging unboxing videos! Our tutorials guide you step-by-step to captivate your audience and showcase products like a pro