Cannon Memory Foam Contour Pillow ( Hard )

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Cannon Memory Foam Contour Pillow ( Hard )

Features :

- The hypoallergenic bamboo cover acts as a sweat shield and stimulates natural cooling so you can stay cool during warm nights .
- As a foam pillow adapts to the shape of your neck and head, you have more options than ever when it comes to better sleep .
- Made of high-density memory foam, which makes it recover its shape quickly after squeezing without clumping or shrinkage .
- Ensures that the head and neck are properly supported to provide maximum comfort while sleeping .
- Helps relieve snoring, insomnia and reduce stress .
- It prevents neck stiffness and provides orthopedic support .

Size: 60 x 40 + 10/12 cm

Height ( Thickness ) : 10/12 cm

Color : White
Material : Memory Foam

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