FCC Velvet Prayer Carpet with Bag - ( 115 X 70 ) cm - Red

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FCC Velvet Prayer Carpet with Bag - ( 115 X 70 ) cm - Red


The beauty of the appearance of the house is not complete without the perfection of its prayer corner, so this wonderful prayer carpet was designed to be an essential part of your home decor, to give it beauty, and complete the atmosphere of Ramadan and worship.
It is attached with a cloth bag of the same material as the carpet, which increases its distinction, making it the most appropriate choice, whether if you own it for prayer or to gift it to your loved ones.
This carpet is very distinctive with its elaborate design and durable high-quality fabric, embossed with drawings in a distinct color from the color of the prayer carpet.

Size: ( 115 X 70 ) cm

Color : Red
Made in Turkey

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