Eliz Turkish Cotton Towel Set 4 PCS

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Eliz Turkish Cotton Towel Set 4 PCS

Features :

The finest cotton in the world is found in this wonderful towel set from Pupilla, which consists of four pieces:
  • Beautiful design embossed with embossed embossed on both sides in the form of leaves and veins of roses.
  • Soft ends and ends of the hair braided together to increase the beauty of the towel.
  • Super soft and fabulous feel, they are made from 100 percent natural cotton.
  • Gorgeous color palette comes in a durable clear plastic bag.
  • Super fast absorption of water from hands and body.
  • It maintains itself during washing and prolonged use.
  • The bag has a zipper for easy storage of pads.

Instructions :
  • Wash it before use .
  • Wash colored towels separately and in cold water .

Product Details :

Set 4 PCS : ( 50 X 90 ) cm
Color :     ( 50 X 90 ) cm
Material :  Multi Color
Origin : Turkiye

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