Cannon Memory Foam Bath mat 1 PCS - Beige

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Cannon Memory Foam Bath mat 1 PCS - Beige


It gives you a drying of your feet from water moisture, as it is quick to absorb water and quick to dry to avoid slipping and injuries or feeling the coldness of the ground .
  • Beautifully designed with straight lines placed in front of bathrooms, bathtubs and sinks, to add a touch of elegance and luxury .
  • It does not lose its color no matter how exposed it is to water drops, as it maintains the stability and attractiveness of its color .
  • The non slip base when placed on a dry surface ensures that it rests firmly on the ground for safety .

Product Details : 

Size : 1 PC ( 60 x 90 )
Color : Beige           
Origin : Turkey

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