Bolsius Rustic Candle 1 PC - D.Grey

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 Bolsius Rustic Candle 1 PC - D.Grey

A candle inspired by the color of the sky after a night of rain in the morning, or how green leaves turn golden when the seasons change .
  • Add a little glow and creativity to your home décor through the candle made by Al-Saad Home, made with love and passion .
  • Vegetable wax made from natural preparations, 50% vegetable wax without palm oil . It gives a burn time of up to 125 hours .
  • These candles help you bring nature into your home in the purest and most eco-friendly way .

Product Details :

Size :  200/100 mm
Shape :  Cylindrical
Color : D.Grey
Material : Premium Grade Paraffin Wax
Origin :  Poland

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