Bamboo Premium Carpet - ( 160 X 160 ) cm Multicolor

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Bamboo Premium Carpet - ( 160 X 160 ) cm Multicolor


A design that suits all tastes and different decorations, decorated in a sophisticated and luxurious way, that adds joy and life to your home, suitable for your living room or bedrooms, enhances the beauty of your home decor to make it appear in the best picture.

  • A distinctive and modern design that gives your home decor a decent look, adding to it luxury and sophistication.
  • Nice high quality velvet material with soft touch that gives you comfort for your feet when you walk on it.
  • An inner layer of memory foam to give the rug a high thickness and to protect against the cold of the floor with high stability on the floor.

Product Details :

Size : ( 160 X 160 ) cm - Circular
Color :             Multicolor
Made In : Turkey

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