Al-Saad Rose Fragrance Air Freshener - Spring

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Al-Saad Rose Fragrance Air Freshener - Spring

Features :

Bamboo sticks perfume is long lasting and keeps the room always simply fragrant, it lasts all the time and gives you a fresh atmosphere.
  • The bottle is designed to complement home décor as the bamboo sticks absorb the scented mixture and diffuse it throughout your home to spread a pleasant scent.
  • Luxurious and elegant, the scent lasts for a long time.

Product Details :

 Instructions :
  • Do not use in environments where there are pregnant women, children and people with respiratory diseases.
  • keep away from the reach of the children .
  • Store away from foodstuffs.
  • Store away from heat.
Capacity :  100 ml                
Made in : UAE & Turkish materials

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