How to choose your sleeping Pillow ?

How to choose your sleeping Pillow ?

As a start we must agree that the main function of the sleeping pillow is to provide the appropriate support for your neck, body and back and maintain the natural body shape, not just softness or beautiful texture. This correct shape of your body during sleep will depend on your sleeping position, through which you can find out the optimal sleeping pillow for you.

Before we start with the sleeping pillows that fit your sleeping position, you should know that the sleeping position is partial and one of the factors that are taken into consideration, for example, there are other factors such as: body temperature and people who sweat quickly at night, here you must choose a cool material for the pillow such as cotton, There are memory foam lovers, or people who suffer from allergies, as the latex material is suitable as it is a natural rubber material extracted from trees, and latex and memory foam are dust-resistant. So remember that the pillow is meant to support your body and neck properly, but it must also fit you completely and in all respects.

Back sleeping position:

If you are one of those who sleep on their back, in general, this position is considered the most appropriate and healthy.
"Loss weight with better sleep," says Dr. Michael Breus, clinical psychologist and author of The Sleep Diet Plan.

When you sleep with your head facing up, this helps distribute the weight on your spine. The most suitable pillows for this position are sleeping pillows that are:

1- Medium in height and thickness

2- Medium Firm

To get a correct posture for your body and to avoid pain, the physiotherapist recommends a pillow of medium hardness and height so that it does not raise your head too much and cause pain to your neck, and that it is moderately solid so that it supports your neck enough and your head is not at the level of the mattress and your body is in an unhealthy or healthy direction.
Additional note: Adding a pillow under the feet and raising them slightly will help support your back and relieve pressure on it.

Side sleeping position:

To maintain the proper position of your spine during sleep, you must choose a pillow:
1- High in height and thickness
2- Firm Pillows

If you wake up one day and you feel pain in your shoulder, it may be because you sleep sideways and your pillow is a little high, the raised pillow maintains the correct shape of your spine, and reduces pressure on your shoulder (in the case of side sleeping)

Additional Note: Add a pillow between the feet while side sleeping
It helps a lot for a healthy and sound sleep.

Stomach sleeping position:


Many people do not recommend sleeping on the stomach or the face, but you may not be ablechange this . Here it some necessary points to choose the right pillow to avoid pain or problems for your body:

1- Low-height pillow
2- Softpillows

There are pillows such as feather pillows from the Canon brand or the natural Canon pillow, which are not high and suitable for this position
Additional note: Adding a thin lower abdomen pillow is important for this position

Article Summary: There is no suitable sleeping pillow for everyone, but choosing a pillow depends primarily on your sleeping position and other factors such as the sensitivity of your body, or if you are a person who feels cold or sweats at night, and your budget for sure, and as a last tip if you have constant pain, do not rely only on Your personal experiences, but consult a specialist doctor, choosing the appropriate sleeping pillow may be one of the only helpful solutions and there may be other important solutions for you.

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